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We appreciate you choosing one of our apartment houses.  We want to provide you with the best living experience possible while living in Grand Island, NY.


BEHG Properties, Inc. is a locally owned family business, headquartered in Hamburg, New York.  BEHG Properties, Inc. began operating in November 2006.  The Company has four owners, which operate the Company as follows:  Brad Engel, Russ Hiltermann, Dave Glover and Chris Byers.  BEHG Properties, Inc. has hired Engel Properties / Management (as owned by Shawn Engel) to act on its behalf to operate the properties.

Here is some additional information about Grand Island (demographics, etc) - it really is a nice and safe area:,_New_York

Contact Information

  • Brad Engel is the President of BEHG Properties, Inc.  Brad Engel lives out of state,
    but can be reached at or by phone at 301-634-3296 or
    301-785-3773 - cell.
  • Russ Hiltermann is the Chief Risk Officer and is in charge of Billings, Collections,
    Evictions and monitoring the Company’s main e-mail account:,
    which tenants may use to report any issues and to open work orders.
    Russ can also be reached at his Company e-mail address: or at 661-478-6900.  Russ lives in California, so please
    remember the 3-hour time difference if contacting by phone.
  • Shawn Engel is the owner of Engel Properties/Management, whom BEHG Properties,
    Inc. has hired to act on its behalf as the Management Company to complete
    apartment showings, lease signings, maintenance repairs and is responsible for
    work order requests.  Shawn resides locally in the Buffalo area and can be reached
    at 716-984-7813.
  • Dave Glover assists Shawn Engel in the generation of work order requests,
    scheduling and the tracking the completion of the work orders.  Dave also owns and
    operates rental properties in California and Texas.
  • Mike Kuhn is the primary maintenance employee of Engel Properties/Management. 
    Mike resides at our apartment complex at 2460 Baseline, Apt. #4.  Please do NOT
    contact Mike with your maintenance requests, unless it is a heating, fire or
    water-leak emergency.  All work order requests are to be either e-mailed to, or mailed to our rent payment address.
  • Our rent payment address is:

    BEHG Properties, Inc.
    5140 Main St, Unit 303, Box 337
    Williamsville, NY  14221

    Please ensure that you do NOT write PO Box in the address.  If you do, the mail will
    be returned.  It is also best if you write the street address, unit number and box
    number all on the same line.  We have had numerous items returned in the past
    when the address is not written correctly.
  • Please be sure to mail the rent so that it is received by the 5th of each month.

If, at any time, you have an issue, we want to hear about it.  You are welcome to speak to any one of our team members or owners.  E-mail is probably our preferred method of communication.  We can always be reached at and we will respond back to you in less than 1 day.

We care, and will do our best to show it every day.

Thank you for choosing BEHG Properties, Inc.

Brad Engel - President of BEHG Properties, Inc.

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