Welcome to BRoS Properties!  Check out the rest, then come rent from the best!

We appreciate you choosing one of our apartment houses.  We want to provide you with the best living experience possible while living at the University at Buffalo, Main Street Campus.

We own 17 apartment houses representing 32 apartment units all located in the University at Buffalo Main Street campus area.  The apartment houses have 4, 5, 6 and 8 bedroom apartment houses for rent, with leases that run from June 1st to May 31st of each following year.

Contact Information

  • Brad Engel is the majority, 2/3rds owner and can be reached at
    brad@bufapt.com or by cell phone at 301-785-3773.
  • Russ Hiltermann owns the other 1/3rd and monitors the Company’s main e-mail account: 
    which tenants may use to report any issues.
    Russ can also be reached at his Company e-mail address: 
  • Shawn Engel is the primary maintenance worker at the properties and is responsible for work
    order requests. 
    Shawn resides locally in the Buffalo area and can be reached at
    Please note that a
    ll work order requests are to be either e-mailed to
    repairs@bufapt.com, or mailed to our rent payment address.
  • Our rent payment address is:

    BRoS Properties
    5651 Main St, Suite 8-337
    Williamsville, NY  14221

    Please ensure that you do NOT write PO Box in the address.  If you do, the mail will
    be returned.  It is also best if you write the street address and suite
    number all on the same line.  We have had numerous items returned in the past
    when the address is not written correctly.
  • Please be sure to mail the rent so that it is received by the 4th of each month.

If, at any time, you have an issue, we want to hear about it.  You are welcome to speak to any one of our team members or owners.  E-mail is probably our preferred method of communication.  We can always be reached at rentals@bufapt.com and we will respond back to you in less than 1 day.

We care, and will do our best to show it every day.

Thank you for choosing us as your landlords.

Brad Engel

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